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Why grow Miscanthus Giganteus?



Regular income

Perennial - plant once

No annual establishment costs

Low annual harvest costs

No/Low inputs

Qualifies for BPS



Allocate to non food land

Multiple end uses

Uses standard farm equipment

Reduces annual workload

Advice is always available



Carbon Capture in soil

Soil improver



Intensifies biodiversity

Non-invasive sterile hybrid


Want to know your margin?

Using a specialist planter developed by one of our grower members - WH Loxton of Somerset

Who are we?

Miscanthus Nursery Ltd, (MNL), is a UK based, Grower Cooperative operated by its members who understand the importance of Miscanthus Giganteus in both supporting action on climate change and environmental Agriculture.

We have a dedicated team within this group who have over 20 years experience, knowledge and skills in all aspects of growing and nurturing this fundamental green energy crop.

Providing Opportunities for Landowners

With a proportion of our members having many years of experience in farming, we are acutely aware of the need to provide a stable income from land.

A perennial crop that is weather resistant, easy to maintain, and has multiple end uses takes away the traditional pain of knowing what to grow.

Supporting work on Climate Change

The Climate Change Committee in its latest Land Use Report (January 2020) has made supportive statements with regard to biomass.

Bioenergy Crops. Expanding the growing of energy crops by around 23,000 hectares each year would deliver 2 MtCO2e emissions savings in the land sector and an extra 11 MtCO2e from the harvested biomass (e.g. when used with *CCS)

*CCS - Carbon Capture & Storage

What is Miscanthus Giganteus?

Miscanthus Giganteus, commonly known as Elephant Grass, is a sterile hybrid of Miscanthus sinensis and Miscanthus sacchariflorus.

It is a non-invasive, perennial 2nd generation Bio-energy crop that grows up to 3 metres tall. It is established from a Rhizome and harvested annually to produce sustainable biodegradable Biomass for Renewable Fuels, Animal Bedding and Composites.

It is an organic crop that benefits from ‘dirty water’ and will happily grow on land susceptible to flooding.

It intensifies Biodiversity by providing a safe habitat for wildlife and reduces our over reliance on woodland.

It can be grown on marginal land which compliments traditional food production.

Taken from data collected, our own records prove the crop lasts for 20 years plus without the need to re-plant, this is vital in maintaining soil stability and facilitating the long-term sequestration (carbon capture) and storage of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) or other forms of carbon to mitigate or defer global warming.

Crop of elephant grass in the first year
Miscanthus offers full management services of the crop - here we have a John Deere tractor baling the Miscanthus cane ready for moving to storage.

What do we do?

Miscanthus Nursery Ltd provide some of the best advice in Europe about Miscanthus Giganteus rhizome supply, planting, harvesting, facilitating small or large community projects, developing direct heat supply contracts and all other information on this significant and multipurpose crop.

We currently supply both wholesale and retail Customers with Rhizome stock to establish long term sustainable organic Bio-energy Biomass crops that support the creation of a circular economy.

We are an initial turnkey operation for those starting out on Miscanthus Biomass production for own use or for long term contract biofuel supply.

A Year With Miscanthus Giganteus

Watch the Miscanthus year from planting to harvesting in the first year of full crop.

Carbon is sequestered by the soil on average of 1 tonne per hectare in the soil.

The cane is 48% carbon (4.8 tonnes to the hectare @ 10 tonne yield) and can be used for energy for carbon neutral solutions or locked up in other products such as construction materials.

The Elephant Grass Harvest

Watch Miscanthus being harvested in Somerset. This crop, sent to power stations, provides us with fully renewable electricity helping to ensure that potential fossil fuels remain undisturbed; in the ground.

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Miscanthus rhizomes for sale

High quality miscanthus rhizomes for sale ready for planting in the Spring of 2025.

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Advice on planting, agronomy and harvesting

We also provide you with the best advice in Europe about rhizome supply, planting, harvesting of the crop.

Renewable heating and energy

Information on Miscanthus (Elephant Grass) Fuel for Renewable Heat is readily available.

We also have miscanthus bales for sale at various times of the year as well as chip for heating or bedding.

To buy miscanthus giganteus or for a friendly, no obligation chat, get in touch with Mike Cooper now on: Tel: 07860 899485 or email: where you can be assured of an friendly response.


Mike Cooper (Managing Director) out in the field checking the moisture content of the miscanthus x giganteus bales before being moved to storage.